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The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the NFL.

What does NFL stand for? 

(Waar is NFL een afkorting van? Let op de hoofdletters.)

Question 1- Answer


What position on the football field do you see in the rebus?

Type your answers in lowercase.

(Typ je antwoord in kleine letters.)

Question 2- answer

Click here to go to a puzzle. 
What is the NFL motto written in the picture?

(Typ jouw antwoord in kleine letters.)

Question 3- answer


The Super Bowl is held every year.

And you have won tickets! Congratulations!
To get your tickets you have to answer a few question.

Every correct answer gives you part of a code.

Type the code in order in the the box on the left that says "Your code".

Watch the video below.

What do the teams need to score?


Question 4- answer

Look online. 

How many yards is a football field?

Type your answer using numbers. 

(Typ jouw antwoord in getallen.)

Question 5- answers

Cheerleaders are part of American Football.

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are a famous group.

Click here to see the group members.

Who has the same name as a fashion brand (modemerk)?

Question 6- answer

You can audition to be part of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Click here for the website and start looking. In what month are the auditions every year?


Questin 7- answer


The national anthem (volkslied) is sung every Super Bowl.

Watch the video below to listen to it.

Listen or look up online. What is the last word in the anthem?

Question 8- answer

Which team won the Super Bowl this year?

(Let op de hoofdletters.)

Question 9- answer

In what year was the first Super Bowl?


Question 10- answer

Every Super Bowl there is a performance of a great artist during Half Time (the break).
This year it was The Weeknd.

In what stadium was the show?

(Gebruik alleen kleine letters.)

Question 11- answer